Welcome to ALUMNI

SJCPS is proud of their Alumni, who are well placed in over 25 reputed National and international pharmaceutical industries, Medical coding and pharmacovigilince in various places in India and abroad. All the batches of students graduating from this college have shown excellent performance on the result front. The Alumni of this college are well placed in various reputed Dr.Reddys. Aurobindo, cipla, hetero, veetechnologies, episource, omega, accentures, paraxel,cognizant, AGS, Appolo, …etc. Many of our students have successfully taken the GPAT examination and are pursuing their higher studies in leading pharmacy college like NIPER, BHU etc.



The boundless love and affection of the SJCPS Alumni towards their Alma Mater and their juniors resulted in their laudable contributions in various spheres to the College as noted below:

·         Contribution towards their project work :

 A large number of senior alumni visited our college, sharing their rich and valuable experience with the students through  interaction and they providing valuable suggestion towards projects work.

. Promoting students to get industrial training as a part of course structure.

·         Promoting Students' Placements:


The Training & Placement Officer is coordinating with many more Alumni of the College, who are providing their enthusiastic support in promoting Campus Recruitments. A good number of Alumni are in constant touch with the Training and Placement Officer and are providing information about the vacancies and Job opportunities.